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We are going through an extreme makeover in our planning to stay open, therefore we are seeking to raise up to $50,000 to keep our business open and hire additional staff to help us daily.  We are looking for 1 to 50 supporters.

We have a five year plan to expand our business in other markets but we need your support to stay open during this difficult time.

Your Contribution of $1,000

With a $1,000 contribution into our business, we will give you  $250 per year for five years and one free meal each week (value $20).

Over the five years your ROI will be

  • $250 X 5 = $1,250
  • Free Meals @ $20 X 52 = $1,040 For Five years  Totaling $5,200
  • Net Gained Over 5 Years $5,450

Our Purpose and Needs

The funds raised will help us hire new staff and help us pay for our daily operations to in business during this difficult time.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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