Island Dishes


Interesting Caribbean Food Facts

  • Antigua’s Fungi is the same as Barbados’ Coucou

  • Dominica’s national dish, Mountain Chicken is also prepared in Trinidad and is called Mountain Chicken as well, and yes, it is really frog legs, referred to in the Islands as Crapo.

  • Grenada’s national dish, Oil Down is also called Oil Down in Trinidad, Run Down in Jamaica and Maetem Ghee in Guyana.

  • Guyana’s national dish, Pepper Pot is different from Pepper Pot Soup which is prepared in Jamaica.

  • Trinidad’s Pilau (rhymes with allow) is called Cook-up Rice in Guyana and Peas & Rice in Jamaica

  • Curry is a seasoning used to prepare many Caribbean dishes in 99.9 % of the Islands. The powder is used to season curry chicken, shrimp, beef and other curried dishes. Potatoes and the meat of choice is added to water, the curry powder is then added along with other spices, marinated into a sauce, the sauce is then served over or with white rice or rice and peas.

  • Roti (flat bread) – Two types, popular to Caribbean dining are Dahl Pouri Roti, made with ground split peas & spices and Bust-Up-Shot or Dosti Roti, made without peas. Another Roti, not generally served in Caribbean restaurants, called Pharata Roti has a crispy or flaky crust and no peas.

  • Bakes – The breakfast equivalent of American pancakes or waffles on most Caribbean Islands. Made with flour, water, baking powder, sugar & salt. It is either deep fried or baked in the oven with coconut. Bakes are also known as Johnny Cakes, Journey Cakes, Fried Bakes or Festival.

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National Dishes

Antigua & Barbuda

Fungie & Pepper Pot 
Prepared either as a breakfast meal or main entree, Fungee is cornmeal with okra, cooked in salted water and boiled to a paste. Pepper pot is a combination of a variety of meats, including vegetables, spinach, eggplant, okra, onions, spices & seasonings, boiled to a soupy finish. 



Crack Conch with Peas and Rice 
Crack Conch with Peas and Rice. (This dish is sometimes served with optional side dishes of potato salad, macaroni & cheese (Bahamian style – so thick, you can cut it like cake, with a knife), cole slaw and fried plantains.
Crack conch with Peas & Rice is served as a main entre



Coucou & Flying Fish 
Cou cou or coo coo (made with corn meal, flour and okra) is served with vegetables, ground provisions or rice or served a la carte as a main entre.



Belizean Rice & Beans with Fish Stew 
Beans and rice are cooked together with various spices. Finish with coconut milk for extra flavor. Prepared as a main entre. 



Ropa Vieja 
Ropa Vieja is the favorite dish of most Cubans living in the Homeland and abroad. It is made with braised or shredded beef, seasoned and marinated with peppers and onions.


Mountain Chicken 
Mountain Chicken or frog legs, colloquially referred to as crapaud, pronounced – crappo, is heavily seasoned and stewed, boiled or fried until golden brown and then served with white rice, rice & peas, or provisions Prepared as a main entre. So tastily done, you won’t believe it wasn’t chicken. 


Dominican Republic

Pronounced San-co-cho. Soup with vegetable or ground provisions such as yams, yucca, potatoes etc and a variety of meats. Prepared as a main entre.
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Salchichon, Dominican salami, traditionally eaten with fried green Platanos (plantains).


Oil Down 
Made with ground provisions, including breadfruit and served with pig tail, salt beef or your choice of meat. Prepared as a main entree. 


Pepper Pot 
Made with casreep- (cassava extract) and beef or choice of meat, served with white rice or black eye or split peas & rice, Spicy. Served as a main entree.



Griots with Rice & Beans 
Griots (pork) with beans and rice.
Griots are a very tasty Haitian treat made by boiling and then frying cubes of pork. Served as a main entre and complimented with riz et pois( rice and peas) or riz djon-djon and bananes pesees. Most Haitian eat their griots with burning hot Ti-Malice sauce.


Ackee & Salt Fish 
Ackee is a pear sized fruit, when prepared it resembles scrambled eggs, salt fish is boiled to extract most of the saltiness. Seasoned well and served mainly as a breakfast meal. 
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Grilled Snapper with Sauce au Chien 
Sauce au Chien or creole sauce, made with chiva, onions, parsley, tomatoes, peppers and other spices alongside grilled snapper is hot . Prepared as a main entree. While there seems to be a debate on the number of national dishes, Martiniquans all agree that this is a national pleaser 
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Marinated Codfish and Green Bananas 
Another Local favorite main entre.

Puerto Rico

Arroz con Gandulez and Pernil 
Rice with pigeon peas and pork shoulder. Much like rice and peas with your choice of meat. Prepared as a main entre. 


St Kitts & Nevis

Stewed Salt Fish with Dumplings,Spicy Plantains & Breadfruit 
Stewed salt fish with coconut dumplings & spicy (ripe) plantains served together with seasoned breadfruit, boiled in chicken broth, This medley was recently created as a Kititian & Nevisian national dish, served as a main entree. 


St Lucia

Green Fig & Salt Fish 
Green Figs are green bananas boiled or stewed and served with salt fish. Prepared as a breakfast meal. 


St Martin

Conch & Dumplings 
The conch is pounded and then pressure cooked with seasonings. The dumplings are prepared with flour, water and with or without cornmeal . The thick sauce from the conch and dumplings is used as gravy. Prepared as a main entre. 


St Vincent & the Grenadines

Roasted Breadfruit & Fried Jackfish 
Roasted Breadfruit & Fried Jackfish, and not Boiling, as was previously submitted, is proported to be the National dish of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
This dish is often served with Golden Apple Drink, which happens to be the National Drink.

 Trinidad & Tobago

Crab & Calaloo 
Trini’s love their crab & calaloo. The calaloo is prepared in a unique specially blended style that almost resembles an interesting (dark green) soupy, gravy/stew like concoction, well seasoned and flavorful. The crab is prepared tender and delicious 
Served as a main entree. 

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